Yes, I Found a Better Way

Buying an Engagement Ring Our Way Gives You 10 Times the Selection and a Ring Made Just for Her - for Less Than the Cookie Cutter Rings at the Mall!

Working for a chain jewelry store I grew frustrated with the limited selection of rings, the quality of diamonds I had to sell, and making customers pay for an extra warranty.  I knew there was a better way.  So when I saved enough money to open my own store, I turned the way people buy rings upside down.

When you first walk into our store you will see things are different. Our cases are wide open. There is no glass preventing you from reaching in and trying on as many rings as you want. You can even take them outside and try them on in the sun if you want. 

With 2,251 rings, that's 10 times the selection of an average jewelry store, you are bound to find the ring of her dreams.  And when you do find that ring you can't live without, we'll make you a brand new ring in that style- a ring that's never been worn by anyone else. 

When it comes to diamonds, we are not going to try to hide anything from you.  We want you to know and see the difference between diamonds. You get to look and choose diamonds just like a jeweler would- where you can see them side by side. It's the only true way to pick out your diamond!

Everett Jewelry has the best warranty in the business... and it is totally FREE. Why would other stores charge you for a warranty or limit it for one year? Do they not believe in the quality of their rings? At Everett Jewelry, every ring comes with a free lifetime warranty, because we believe your ring should last a lifetime!

And the last difference? The way we do business costs us a lot less than doing business the old fashioned way, like traditional and mall stores. That means you'll save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on your engagement ring.

With the largest selection of rings in Louisiana, the most styles you'll find anywhere, all backed up with our incredible NO Worry lifetime warranty for life, you are going to walk out of my store with a much more valuable engagement ring than anyone could have sold you for that price.  

Yes, I found the better way and I think you are going to like what I have done.

Todd Keenan

Owner, Everett Jewelry