Custom Designed Rings

At everett jewelry, you can design your own ring- 

from start to finish.

How it Works

Step One
Your idea. Bring in a photo, drawing, or just come by and tell us. We will work with you to make that idea a reality. Don't have an idea? That's okay, too! We have over 2,000 models right here that you can see, touch, feel, and try on. Remember these ring models are just that - models. In most cases they can be customized or changed to fit your needs. 

Step Two
The next step in the process will be choosing a center stone for your ring. One of our diamond experts will help you choose from a selection of loose diamonds to be used in your customized ring. YOU choose the diamond, not us. We will give you some information on what to look for when purchasing a diamond and assist you in the process, but this is YOUR ring! 

Step Three
After selecting the ring mounting and center diamond we will go over all the details with you - making sure that the ring is customized just the way you want. You will receive a CAD (Computer Animated Drawing) of what your ring will look like (see example below). We can then either make it like that or adjust it to your wants. Someone at Everett will sit down with you and go through this entire process with one goal in mind - helping you design the perfect ring for you.

Step Four
Enjoy your ring! After all of your wants and needs have been met, we will make your ring from scratch, taking care to set every diamond and stone perfectly. The only thing left is to give her the ring of her dreams and let her brag to all of her friends!