Hi. I'm Todd Everett Keenan and I am proud to offer you the very best jewelry experience you'll find anywhere in Louisiana.

Here's the problem with most jewelry stores:

1. They have a very limited selection.

2. They're overpriced.

3. They carry inferior, poorly-cut diamonds.

4. They offer standard, good-for-nothing warranties (that don't even cover the center stone!).

They don't think about what is best for YOU. So, I opened my own jewelry store and solved these problems by doing things differently:

1. A 10-times larger selection on-hand than any jewelry store in our area (over 2,000 engagement rings in every style that exists!).

2. Jewelry priced 30% LESS than you'll pay online or at any chain jewelry store.

3. We offer properly-proportioned diamonds, cut for maximum sparkle, at any and every size.

4. We also have the greatest warranty on the PLANET! Our FREE warranty covers your CENTER diamond, as well (even if you lose it!).

We also feature open bridal showcases so that you can just reach in and try on as many rings as you want!


We can afford to charge about 30% less for engagement rings than chain stores because:

  • We OWN all the jewelry we sell.
  • We don't have to pay mall rent, pay mall dues, or pay corporate overhead.
  • We don't have chain store jewelers' inventory quotas or pay the high interest costs to maintain it.

Engagement rings done differently:

The problem with buying engagement rings is that you can never find quite the perfect ring or even try on as many as you'd like because they're all behind glass and you have to be handed each ring from behind a case by someone trying to sell you. It's rushed and there's pressure.

  • But our rings are in open showcases, so you can browse on your own and just pick up and try on as many as you want. Try on all 2,251 styles if you like!
  • Once you find the setting style you like, we take that ring prototype and let you choose the diamond that you want in that mounting.
  • You can customize any engagement ring by adding, subtracting, or changing any style elements you want.
  • We then manufacture your dream ring to your exact specifications and desires.
  • You get your newly-created, never tried on by anyone else, unique ring with a few weeks!

So, at Everett, we do diamonds and jewelry differently, all in order to serve you better. This is why at Everett Jewelry has become THE destination in Shreveport for diamonds and diamond engagement rings.

We invite you to come experience something different- Come swim in a sea of engagement rings and witness the SPECTACLE of diamonds that sparkle like they should!