Store Experience


Expect to see the largest selection of beautiful rings in Louisiana. Expect a shopping experience like no other. Expect to meet experts who can guide you to your perfect ring. Expect to get a special ring that is made just for you. Expect a free warranty that covers your ring for life, not just for a year. Expect to get the most ring for your hard earned money. Expect our store to be different. 

How it Works

The first thing you're going to notice when you walk into our store is that there are thousands of engagement rings in wide open showcases. There is no need for a salesperson to unlock the case, because you can just reach right in and try on which ever one you want. You can even take them outside in the sun if you want! It's really cool. Once you find that ring you can't live without, we let you choose your perfect diamond to complete your ring. Your ring will be special, because we make it just for you. It is truly yours!

1) Find Your Perfect Ring

Reach in and try on as many rings as you like until you find your perfect ring. Choose from thousands of the latest designer styles. We'll show you how our quality sets us apart from the rest.

2) Find Your Diamond

Sit down and choose your diamond just like a jeweler would. Compare them loose side-by-side in our diamond viewing room, where you can also see them in different lighting conditions.


No Worry Warranty

3) Lifetime Commitment

You buy your ring for the moment, but we believe your ring should last you a lifetime. That's why your ring comes with the best warranty in the United States... it's for life and FREE with your ring!