Customer Testimonials

I was shocked to find that there was no glass in front of their showcases.  You could reach right in and try on as many as you liked.  I found the perfect ring and the perfect diamond.  It was so much fun!

Tara C.

I looked down at my ring and realized I was missing a diamond.  I started to panic thinking it was going to cost a lot to have it put back in.  I called Everett and they said "Don't worry... it's covered" They fixed it for free and made my ring look new.

Lauren B.

Being able to see diamonds side by side made buying a diamond  so much easier. I could really compare them. I actually chose a diamond that was less expensive, but it sparkled more than the more expensive one.

Bruce B.

Facebook Happy Customers

Todd, Chelsea, Suni and the rest of their staff are always so kind and willing to help when I go there to get my ring and necklace cleaned.  They worked so well with my fiancee on customizing a ring and necklace for me and I love their work!!

Lauren S.

Every time I come in everyone is SO friendly and welcoming.  They remember me by name which says a lot!  And Ms. Suni is the absolute best, always so very sweet and helpful!  I have bought five pieces of jewelry and will continue to buy from here!

Brandy A.