We Buy Gold and Diamonds

More Cash For Your Gold In Your Hand. Today.

Cash for GoldYou've probably heard that gold prices are at an all time high. They are. Which means you can get a lot of money selling your gold jewelry.

But you can sell your gold more safely, more conveniently AND get about 25% more for it when you sell it Everett Jewelry.
Here's why:
  • Unlike the Cash for Gold places you see on TV, when you sell your gold at Everett Jewelry, you don't have to mail your jewelry off in the mail. So you don't have to wait for your money- you get it right there on the spot. And because your jewelry isn't being held hostage in another state Everett will offer you about 25% more than those guys do.
  • Everett Jewelry isn't a pawn shop. And while there's nothing wrong with old-fashioned pawn shops, they won't offer you as much money as Everett. Plus Everett is located in a safe, friendly, location among other shops and restaurants you'll enjoy shopping in.
With Everett Jewelry everything is convenient, upfront And the best part: there's no worrying, waiting or feeling scammed. So if you want cash for your gold about 25% more than you'll get anywhere else - bring it to Everett Jewelry.

We Buy Diamonds and Old Engagement Rings

Have an old diamond ring in the back of your jewelry box from an old flame? Time to get rid of it! Bring it to us and we will pay you cash for it. No need to go to the pawn shop. And we always pay you 25% more for your diamonds.

Other Items We Buy
-Gold and Silver Coins
-Fine Watches
-Old Pocket Watches
-Sterling Silver
-Sterling Silverware
-Always Old Broken Gold

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