Diamond Buying Guide

Get Far Better Prices on Diamond Engagement Rings than Chain Jewelry Stores

And Get Them on Higher Quality Diamonds in Made-to-Order Settings.

Learn why "Mall" and Chain Jewelr
y Stores have to charge more for their diamond rings.

We can give you a better price on better quality diamonds in the Shreveport-Bossier area or just about anywhere else, including the Internet. It's a bold claim.
But once you get an insider's view of the jewelry business, you'll understand exactly why Everett Jewelry can deliver visibly better diamonds at obviously better prices.

Here's the short version:
  • Chain and Mall stores do not own their jewelry. You might find that hard to believe but theses stores can't afford to buy their jewelry outright; so they basically "lease" the jewelry until it sells.For this privilege they have to pay 10%-25% extra for each diamond ring.
  • Mall stores pay high rent. Mall jewelry stores not only pay high rents just to be in the mall, but also pay a percentage of their revenue to the owner of the mall.Whatever the Mall owners get, you can bet that percentage is added to the cost of the diamond ring.
  • Chain Stores Make Large Interest Payments Each Month. In order to have as many diamond rings as we do; chain stores must keep 5-7 million dollars in inventory.Since they can't afford to buy their jewelry outright they mortgage their store and make payments on it each month.These payments can add up to over $500,000 per year in interest costs alone.
  • Chain and Mall stores have high Corporate overhead costs. There are high costs associated with maintaining a large corporate structure and national advertising campaign.

In order to make a corporate profit, all of these costs have to be added to the selling price of their jewelry. They make up these costs by selling lower quality diamonds at high prices. Or by marking up their jewelry to absurd prices and having a 50% off sale. These lower quality diamonds might look great because even poor quality diamonds look good when you can only compare them with other low quality diamonds.Just remember, no one pays more for diamonds than Chain and Mall jewelry stores.

If you want to learn more about what makes a beautiful diamond, visit the 4c's page.

How Everett is different...

We pay cash for our diamonds. And because we're paying cash up front, we get much better prices than the other stores.

We carry 1000s of Designer Models. Because we have open display cases stocked with designer models, we do not have to carry an expensive inventory. And we can allow you to casually and confidently browse hundreds of engagement rings, giving you ten times the selection than any other jewelry store in Shreveport-Bossier.

Your Ring is Made-to-Order. We don't make it until you order it.Other stores have rings that lay in their cases for years that cost them thousands of dollars per year in costs. Not only do you get exactly the ring you want, but you also get a much better price because we don't have the high costs associated with carrying lots of old rings in our cases for years.

We Are Local and Don't Pay Mall Rents. We keep our costs low.We don't have to pay for some corporate rate or plan.We are just here to get you the biggest, best diamond for the best price.

You Can Even Save More. Since we are one of the largest buyers of diamonds and estate jewelry in Northwest Louisiana, we also get incredibly good rates on heirloom quality jewelry. The diamonds that come out of that jewelry are acquired at rates that would make most other diamond buyers blush.

Bottom line: We buy our diamonds for less and have less cost because we don't have a bunch of old rings gathering dust in our case. Come visit us and see the visible difference of our diamonds and our prices. Also, make sure you don't make these mistakes when buying a diamond.