Epic 101

One of the World's Most BRILLIANT Diamonds


Traditional diamonds are cut with 58 angles, called "facets." However, Epic 101 diamonds are cut with 101 facets. Adding 43 additional facets at precisely the right angles, dramatically increases the light performance and beauty of these stones. 

"Side-by-side with almost any other diamond, the Epic 101 WINS every time!"

Epic 101 Cut

"A diamond's BEAUTY is determined by it's CUT..."

A diamond will reflect a very high proportion of the light which strikes its
surface. This high luster is what gives diamonds their pleasing "sparkle." However, a certain amount of light fails to reflect back from the polished surface and this "loss" contributes to a reduction in the scintillation (or sparkle), and therefore the beauty, of the diamond.

The quest for the perfect cut has went on for hundreds of years. Cutters have searched for the key to harnessing the light that enters the stone through its upper surface. Ideally, the light that penetrates the interior of the diamond should bounce from facet to facet until it is reflected back up through the top, producing maximum sparkle. Therefore, the amount of sparkle depends almost entirely on the diamond's cut.

In the early 20th century, designers codified, in theory, the "ideal" proportions of the 58 faceted diamond,

But Epic 101 has Revolutionized that!

Epic 101 Light Performance/Sparkle

"Unfortunately, most diamonds are sold by weight, not by beauty."

For generations, the accepted methods for evaluating diamonds were highly subjective, and created an "alphabet soup" of grading terms that failed to actually measure the physical characteristics that determine a diamond's beauty.

Fortunately, new technologies now enable us to measure, in a clear, quantifiable way, the light performance characteristics that ultimately account for the true beauty of a diamond.

High-tech technology like Gemprint takes a "fingerprint" of your diamond and also assesses the light performance.

Every Epic 101 diamond comes with an official Gemprint Certification that tells you all about the superior light performance from your Epic 101 diamond!

The "Fingerprint" of Your Diamond

Turning Rough Diamond Crystals in to Some of the Most Beautiful Diamonds You Will Ever See!

The Master Cutter's Craft

"Only a TRUE artist can create an Epic 101."

Make no mistake, modern diamond cutting is NOT simply about computers and math equations. The human element is critical. The skills of the men and women doing the cutting have an extremely profound impact on the finished diamond.

Indeed, Epic 101's are cut only by the very best of the best, in many cases coming from artisan families who can count ancestors who were also diamond cutters going back many generations. Their painstaking devotion to obtaining the highest level of beauty in each diamond shows in the unmatched Light Performance they achieve in the actual finished gems that they produce.

The Epic 101 is far more complex, and thus takes more time and skill to cut than other diamonds, so it’s natural that only the most experienced, highly trained and qualified cutters are selected for the task.

In the end, the Epic 101 becomes one of the world's MOST brilliant and scintillating diamonds.